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Snacks can be a tool that brings a smile and happiness to people. Our mission is to continue making snacks so delicious that they bring smiles to people face, and everyone can have fun and feel happy. Morihaku Confectionery aims to be a company where every employee is bright and smiling. We are grateful for the opportunities that have brought us together.

Company URL Booth No. 9-25
Press Release Country Japan
Export partner company Form of trading Through trading companies and wholesalers
International trade experience USA/Singapore/Taiwan/Thai/Hong kong Export record within 1 year USA/Singapore/Taiwan/Thai/Hong kong
Product/Technology Rice cracker Gift
Features Rice cracker Gift
Category Rice cracker/snack
Product features / Certifications
Place of production Gifu Form of selling Wholesale  and Retail
Retail Price 1500 Size・Weight per piece 32*29*7
Preservation method Room tempurature Expiration date 210d
Shipping date Minimum order quantity
Materials, Additive