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Our company has a long history of over 100 years based in Moji port and Shimonoseki port,and is certified as an Authoried Economic Operator(Customs Broker and Warehouse Operator) under JAPAN AEO program.We support all of your export formalities through a wide network of us.

Company URL Booth No. 10-18
Press Release Country Japan
Export partner company Form of trading Direct transaction and Through trading companies and wholesalers
International trade experience countries of the world Export record within 1 year countries of the world
Product/Technology international logistics service
Features We provide strong support for complex export formalities.
Category Logistics
Product features / Certifications
Place of production Form of selling
Retail Price Size・Weight per piece
Preservation method Room tempurature Expiration date
Shipping date all through the year Minimum order quantity
Materials, Additive