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We are a trading company with a strong network of logistics and manufactures. We stand between you and the manufactures, and by handling all the export procedures, we can help spread the good products that are not yet known to overseas. Also we can consolidate and export items purchased from multiple manufacturers. We are flexible, feel free to contact us!

Company URL Booth No. 11-47
Press Release Country Japan
Export partner company Form of trading Direct transaction and Through trading companies and wholesalers
International trade experience China, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, Taiwan Export record within 1 year China, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, Taiwan
Product/Technology Import and Export agent
Features You find great goods at the EXPO, but the supplier can't handle the export procedures, so the meeting doesn't go well.. Don't worry about that anymore! We will take care of ALL export procedures between you and supplier with a small margin.
Category Logistics, Consulting, Certification support, Interpretation service, Export support
Product features / Certifications
Place of production Form of selling
Retail Price Size・Weight per piece
Preservation method Expiration date
Shipping date Minimum order quantity
Materials, Additive